September 26, 2013 - EC Meeting
Event Date
Sep 26, 2013
Registration Dates
Jan 2, 2013toSep 25, 2013
Hs Lordship
199 Seawall Drive, Berkeley , CA
September 26, 2013 - EC Meeting 10:00 am to 11:15 am

Would you like to get involved with the Chapter? Please join us at our next Executive Committee (EC) meeting. The EC meeting is open to anyone interested in attending. For a copy of the current agenda please click here.

Our next EC meeting will be held at:
Hs Lordship
199 Seawall Drive,
Berkeley , CA

Please RSVP

The EC for our chapter consists of:

President, Frank Kennedy
Vice President, David Ferguson
Secretary, Scott Dmytrow
Treasurer, Phil Harrington
Director of Membership, Pattie McNamee
Director of Education, Andrew Clough
Director of Special Events, Edric Kwan
Region VIII Delegate, Raewyn Butcher
Past Presidents, Joubin Pakpour

Along with Gigi MacTaggart, Chapter Administrator, they are responsible for running the chapter.

For more information please contact the chapter secretary, Scott Dmytrow at or 916-825-9415.
Scott Dmytrow
phone: 916-825-9415
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